Manage your employees from one place

Communicate, operate and train your non-desk employees with Connecteam's all-in-one employee app. Easy to use, customizable and affordable like no other!

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Simplify employee communication

Easily communicate the right content at the right time to every single employee. We offer multiple communication tools to enhance your day-to-day business routine; live chat group conversations, directory for all work contacts, immediate updates with or without comments and likes, employee feedback surveys, suggestion box and more.

employee management app

Take employee management to the next level

Go paperless and automate daily procedures with Connecteam’s mobile-first checklists and forms platform. This 100% customizable solution can take any procedure that’s run by pen and paper, spreadsheet, text messages or phone calls, and easily creates a fully automated, edge-to-edge, process that can used from anywhere at anytime. Everything you need to improve compliance, standardize operating procedures, and move your business forward is available in the palm of your hand.

employee app for tracking hours

Track employee work hours

Track and manage employee work hours on jobs, projects, customers or anything else you need. Our employee time clock is easy to use for smooth implementation and packs everything you’re looking for to avoid buddy-punching and time theft, improve time management, comply with labor law and make payroll processes faster and more efficient; GPS location stamps with maps display; tags and shift attachments; automated breaks; overtime and double time; automated push notifications and reminders, and more. Reduce the noise and hassle with an employee app that works for you.

employee scheduling app

Dispatch jobs and schedule shifts

Manage your employees’ everyday jobs and shifts with Connecteam’s employee scheduling app. Create single, multiple or team shifts with calendar view and drag & drop options. Use our GPS status updates for visual job progress, and easily include location for quick navigation, notes with free text description and file attachments of any kind for employee collaboration, so employees can always be on top of their job requirements.

training app for employees

Enhance professional skills

Your employees don’t have to be in the office, nor carry papers, in order to have direct access to information, policies and training materials. From one place, employees have access to an intuitive learning experience and easy access to files, all media types, searchable online libraries, professional courses, quizzes and web-services.

laptop shows employee software insights

Visual and actionable insights

The admin dashboard is your everyday tool as a manager. It allows you to add features to your employee app, create content, run and export reports, modify admin access and control, and manage all employees from a single place. The dashboard automatically tracks and measures everything that happens in your employee app and makes all data clearly visible and actionable. All app activity will be documented over our secure cloud for your use at anytime, with no storage limit.



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